How freaky are you?

Are you as freaky as me? Freaky enough to twist me up by my knees? I need him to be the type of freaky that can freak me. The type of man with a big ego and a big’ “you know”! One who will demand it one who will take it. He has to be thick and ready to put me in his mouth, to eat me.

Are you as freaky as me? Enough to grip me by my hair, choke me out and smack me on my booty? He has to be willing to feed me the D, make me arch my back and bend my knees. Be a man with charisma, with the sex drive of a lion and the nasty cockiness of a bull, then handle me like a beast. Are you freaky enough to put it in my mouth and watch me drool?

Just let me know If you’re freaky enough to fuck me while they watch. Are you freaky enough to tie my wrists to my ankles? To blind fold me and make me take it and tell you thank you. I want him to be able to go deep enough that I feel it in my stomach, push and pump with my knees behind my head and stop me from moving. Are you freaky enough to lick every hole?

Are you freaky enough to spank me when I tell you. no? How freaky are you Im just asking still you gag me and put it in the wrong hole? Im wanting him to know that with me there’s no limits. I definitely want to see his face while he makes a mess just for me to clean up. Are you freaky enough to watch me lick it up?

I want a kiss after I get done so we both can taste the taste of us. Are you freaky enough to never never tell me no? How freaky are you? Im. Just asking for a friend, she wants to know! -Donnie Sharrell

3 thoughts on “How freaky are you?

  1. I enjoyed this one but she sounds like a good time.. but I think she need that person to take that extra step n make her take that leap n2 pure satisfaction!!!💯

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