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We all know that not every party in the relationship is capable of offering what the other is. That’s not a bad thing, and I don’t mean support just in the since of money and that’s what we’re not going to get mixed up. See in a partnership you have to support your spouse as you’re other half. You need to support and respect each others emotions, their good and bad thoughts, the way they think and the pain they have. Support, passion and understanding is what the union leans on the most.

See luvz if your partnership doesn’t hold the key of support, then the tower the two of you are trying to build is nothing more then a pile of rocks waiting to crumble. When there’s a lack of support then the way the two of you understand each other becomes disconnected. The way you respond to one another becomes distorted and the one Person you feel that actually gets you, you feel doesn’t even really know you and never did get you. See the person you choose to love is supposed to be the person you can lean on, and the one who you can open up to about anything. Even if that anything is the most embarrassing thing you’ve experienced, when you feel supported there’s nothing you two can’t get through.

If one party is put in the position to give more support then the other that should be honored in a union, but to a certain extent. But by honoring this arrangement things sometimes become distressed and this can take a toll on the relationship. Every party in the union should feel that there needs are being met by the person you choose to love. This should come naturally because usually one person is more of a caregiver then the other. Which means they need to feel needed and taking care of thier partner makes them feel validated, this is also okay.

Support may be financially, emotionally, and so on. Me personally, I am the caregiver in my union because that’s how I feel most comfortable and needed. But I require support in other areas all though I am the caregiver. Needing to be showed attention to is a type of support to me. Someone to confide in, the best friend, the love and the protector is the type of support I require.

The key of support is the foundation to a healthy partnership. The only way the union will last is as if each person knows they can lean on their other half. Be willing to give exactly what you’re receiving and give a little more when your partner cannot. Be willing to teach your person how you’d like to be supported and guide them, but not forcefully. Use affection and soft guidance to teach, passion always works wonders especially for men. This is because without knowing it men respond to affection from their women, they loved to feel needed and lusted on.

So luvz remember to give support in any way that your partner requires so that issues based off of lack of support do not start to arise. When the foundation begins to crack everything inside of the union does too. Do not focus on the resent problems because there was an issue that made the crack in the first place. That’s where you start, this is where the fixing begins and you start to rebuild and regain the support your union requires Luvz. -Donnie Sharrell

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  1. Love this post on so many levels. When I mention that I desire my partner to be supportive I think the only way mean of color understand support is by giving money. I had to break it down to a man I was once dating, and honestly told me he didn’t get it until I explained it to him.

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