Lost-Endz Mountain B&B #5

It’s as if the tunnels were never going to stop going, then I find a unconstructed part of the tunnel. There were fallen rocks and holes that seemed like they were about to be built onto. I grab a stone an climb halfway in the hole so I could still hear. Just as I climb in there comes another one, they walk straight pass me, without thinking I hop out and crouch down like an assassin. I hug the wall and follow my searcher until they reach the turn off, it was a women and she was holding a big ass combat knife.

I run at her back and tackle her to the ground adding force to my forearm where it meets her head. Her face smacks the floor and the knife goes flying but her flip game was on point. She rolls over and starts to sock me in my head disorienting me for a quick second. That is until she tries to hollar out and alert the others. My heart starts pounding like crazy as I grab that bitch and pull her in. She was on top of me so I was able to wrap my legs around her to squeeze and knock her noodles with the stone. Even though I couldn’t tell you how hard I was squeezing, I couldn’t stop.

A good few minutes had to pass before I let go. When I finally did let go the females still body laid flat on top of me, but she wasn’t screaming any longer. In fact she wasn’t moving or doing anything at all. I roll her off of me and look into her face. Her eyes were blood shot red an damn near popped out of her head. I had never seen someone who had been suffocated before, it was scary as hell but I didn’t have time to dwell on it. I grab the knife she’d dropped and run as fast as i could down the tunnel directly in front of me.

Just as I rounded the corner I ran smack dab into a body that Knocks me back on my ass. I look up into George’s saddened eyes and scurry backwards as he reaches for me. My mind was going crazy as I swipe the knife at him. “Don’t fight this child an I promise your boys will be safe.” George reassures me in that soft tone of his. Now my eyes were full of tears. “Let us go! Please we’ll leave right now an never tell anyone about this fucked up place.” He shakes his head no and then as quick as ever he lunges toward me.

I squeal out and stick the knife into him, it gets stuck in the top of his shoulder blade. “DAMMIT” he hollars out as he slams into me knocking me bank into the concrete wall. I go to fighting with every part of my body as the hefty man leans on me and slowly pulls the knife out of his flesh, squirting blood all over the top of my head. George leans back forcing me onto the wall with brute strength. “Oh you’ve done it now” he huffs. He grabs me by both sides of my head and slams it into the wall causing immediate dizziness. Then again and again he bangs my head up against the wall until eventually I feel my body turn into a noodle and everything goes black. Donnie Sharrell (TO BE CONTINUED…)

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