Nodika’s sexual excursions (Yummy Disagreement)

Thanks for tuning in Luvz! Lets follow Nodika on another one of her sexy sexual excursions…

Mr paces back and forth rubbing his head as I stood off to the side. His eyes were full of rage and the veins in his temple looked as If they were going to burst. Suddenly he stands still facing me and barks out in a vicious tone. “All you had to do was listen Nodika, is that too much to ask”? I don’t respond which ticks him off even more. He takes a step toward me and dips his head, as if he’s waiting on something.“Maybe if you were here to do what I asked I wouldn’t have had to leave the house in the first place.”

Mr grits his teeth but hell I was upset too. He’d been fussing at me about disobedience for the past twenty minutes and it was starting to get to me. “That smart ass mouth of yours is gonna’ get you into trouble around here Nodika”. Now I was over this conversation! I turn my back on him and head toward the bedroom, but Mr wasn’t having it. He snatches me by the arm pulling me into his chest, and cups my chin in his massive palm. His tone was low and steady, but also stern as he spoke“Do not walk away from me baby.”

I don’t snatch my face away but I also don’t respond to his masculinity, which causes Mr’s chest to puff up a bit. The face of his inner beast always did something to my lower horny region. “Okay, I understand what you need” he huffs releasing his grip on me. Mr let’s me storm off to the bedroom getting the lead before he follows. I was only wearing a T-shirt but that didn’t last long.

I pretend not to watch and be occupied by the television as Mr starts to yank away his shorts first, and then his boxers and socks until he was completely naked. He struts over to me and without pausing, snatches me by the back of my hair making me look up at him. Mr’s face was full of agitation as he pears down into my eyes.“Open your mouth since you like to talk back” Mr demands. I slowly unlock my jaws as he literally rips the T-shirt off of my body, he then snatches me around so that im on my knees, mouth still wide.

In a not so pleasant manor he stuffs my mouth with his thickened member. “Suck it like you’re sorry” Mr demands with an echoing slap to my left ass cheek. I use the dips in my jaws to grip his tip and stuff him in the back of my throat where I could guzzle him whole. Mr keeps his grip on my hair and works himself in and out of my drooling mouth not giving me much air to breathe at all. I watch as he bites his bottom lip in pleasure with the sexist dominant face ever.

Mr doesn’t stop until the precum shoots out onto my tongue. Then he jerks my head off of his penis and starts to lift me up with a strong grip around my throat. My eyes were wide with horny curiosity as he turns me around and pushes me face down into the bed. “Don’t move” Mr orders, and of course I obey. I listen to him tussling through the drawers until I feel him hovering over me. I was curious to see what he was up too, until I felt the paddle land across my bare cheeks with a whistle and a pop.

“Ouch…” I scream out in pain. Mr had added some humph to that whipping and the 5 that came after.“I don’t want to hear a peep out of you. I told you about that mouth Nodika.” Next the puffed up male surprises me with our rope ties. He turns me over and hands me one end of the rope so I could help him tie my hands to my feet. With one swoop Mr picks me up and carries me over to our corner chair, bending me over it, knees down.

He then uses our gag handkerchief to stuff my mouth. My eyes roll in the back of my head as he used his tongue to wet me from my anus to my clitoris. As soon as I thought he’d softened up I was reassured by the sharp pain from behind as he pushes inside of me. Mr holds onto the ties with one hand and spreads my cheeks with the other, pushing deeper inside of me inch by inch. I was in pain but I was enjoying it too! He reaches around and rubs my pearl, playing in the wetness then pushing three fingers inside of me one by one.

The way he filled my ocean from the front and plowed me from behind was a perfect punishment. My body starts to go crazy as I go into an orgasm leaving cream all over his fingers. He pulls me up onto my feet, wipes off, then re enters the creamy zone. My hands were connected around my ankles so I had no choice but to stay in position as Mr starts to beat my cheeks. He was doing so much damage back there that he had to hold me up. “Fuck me back smart ass! Imma teach you a lesson like I promised” he says with both hands around my throat.

Mr was all in and I had no choice but to let him have his way with me. He pushes me back onto the bed, and with one leg up he continues to teach me a lesson. Mr had my bottom pointed straight in the air, arch in my back making me cream all over our covers. I could feel his nut building up from his balls to the base of his member. “Oh shit baby there it goes, Im boudda’ make a mess” Mr groans out through gritted teeth. I fuck him back as best I could which was just as aggressive because I was close to exploding too.

He hits every wall until the liquid cum begins to shoot out of me. In the middle of my squirting orgasm Mr sits me up, points his loaded pistol straight at me and starts to jerk and squeeze. It only took a few jerks before he was moisturizing my face with his sticky white juice. I stick my tongue out to catch and receive all of Mr as I continue to leak out down my leg’s and onto our bed. “Uhh yes baby that’s my girl! Eat that up while you lean back so I can slurp up that meal between your legs” he orders. Of course I obey Mr’s demands. -Donnie Sharrell

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