Tonight is the night #erotica

Tonight is the night that I don’t want to argue. I don’t want to fuss about a single thing that can become interference during our red light exclusive. No expectations, and not a single soul carrying negative energy. See tonight is the night we’re going to engage in a bit of extra night life circular activities. Just you and I on our pleasurable journey for two.

As the red glow beams upon us you’ll undress me first, piece by piece with your body close enough to me that I could reach out and lick you. Once the only thing left on my heated body are my panties, you’ll stand up, take a few steps back and start to remove the pieces that hide you. I’ll lean back and rub my hands over my exposed toffee colored skin as I watch the muscles in your body flex with every removal. Once you’re fully bare, standing at attention, you’ll drop down and slide your athletic wide frame in between my leg’s where you’ll start to kiss my thighs.

There’ll be no fussing and none of those petty misunderstandings as you run your tongue over my stomach and up to my perky nipples. The face you make when you look up at me will look way more freakier than usual under the red lights glow. I’ll bite my bottom lip and reach down in between us to squeeze and caress your hypnotizing director. As soon as you pull my panties to the side and let the feeling of your hot erection press up against me, the moans slip out through my gritted teeth. You tease my body causing a damn fountain leak as you press up against me cupping my breasts in your massive hands and start to devour them.

My body will jerk and wiggling like crazy but you won’t mind. You’ll smack my hands away when I try to rush around you and pull my panties off. Instead you want to pull them off of me yourself, inch by inch then slowly ease inside of me. I’ll pull your hand up around my throat and pull mines down to hold you by your side so I could feel every pull in deep stroke you gave. You’ll lean down tippy toes planted on the ground as you dip down into me, then suddenly you’ll pull your member out and pop him into my mouth making me taste my own essence.

Loving the taste of my own fruitfulness I’ll suck the creaminess down in gulps. Making your legs dip and your abdominal muscles flex. You’ll flip me around and stick your tongue down every slip of mind before sucking the creamy goodness from inside me. You’ll make my eyes roll, my toes curl, and my body shiver with every loud slurp of me. There will be no misunderstanding, and no fussing as we take each other through the motions of ecstasy.

Once we’ve both drank from the others fountain, you’ll put me in a buck to handle me. I’ll watch as your peace maker slides in and out of me, making me drip down onto the base of you. The feeling of your breath and heavy grunting fills my air. I’ll enjoy the way you squeeze my breasts in your palms as you suck and nibble on my nipples. You’ll dig into me deeper and deeper until we’re both left weak, speechless and sweaty under the red ambiance.

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