In the rain πŸ’¦

As the chilled tinkles of the rain fall onto my butter soft skin I hold my head back being sure to let my entire body soak. I’ll let my thighs part as I begin to rub my hands over my breasts giving each nipple a small pinch as I go. I know that you’re watching me through the screen door with your hands cupped over your pulsing member. You watch as I hike my dress up past my waist, pull the straps down off of my shoulders exposing myself to you. I look up at you so that your expression can guide me as I begin to slide one hand down my stomach and down to my warm place.

The rain is at a steady pase beating down on me as I caress my swelling clitoris. I slowly prop one leg up onto the stoop to get a better position to slide my middle finger inside my tight space. Now your member will be out fully in your hand, I watch as you slow stroke him as you watch me intently. I’ll turn over so my knees are sunken in the porch step puddle as I fuck myself now with two fingers while I face you. With my freehand I’ll motion for you to come out into the rain with me, but you’ll bite your bottom lip and slowly shake your head no.

With my face covered in rain drops I’ll poke my bottom lip out, take the fingers from inside me an place them on my tongue slowly closing my lips around them. I’ll smile up at you as you give a quick chuckle still watching me as I re-enter the space that you’ve claimed. “Please come play in the rain with me” I’ll beg,the pace of my hand quickening with every word. I watch you wrap both hands around your lust stick and stroke him from the base and back up to the tip. This arouses me even more! I lean my head back, teeth clinched letting rain drops trickle onto my lips and down my neck as I pleasure myself drenched in wetness.

I can hear your grunts as he jerks in your hand, but Im not done yet. I grip my wet breasts in one hand and start to slowly move my fingers in and out of me in a stroking motion. My moans travel through the rain as I feel the orgasm starting to form in my belly. “Please baby” I beg some more! Still you’ll shake your head no but I could see from the hardness in your cock that you wanted to come out and play oh so badly. Leaning back onto the heels of my feet I continue to beg but my face and the way I was fucking myself was a bit more aggressive this time.

My balance starts to weaver but I catch myself. I cup the hand that was leading the fingers that are inside of me to give more pressure. I wanted top taste you, to fill you, but I also liked you watching me do my nasty dance in the rain too, it was full of passion. My chest was heaving as the rain starts to get heavier, but that doesn’t stop me from laying flat on my back and pulling my knees back beside my head.Your chin rests on your chest as I spread myself apart, rain coming straight down on me.

This is when the spreading of the fingers inside myself, the reaching the back of my walls while I stare up at you become too intense for me to hold back. Just as well as you knew my body, you know what’s about to happen. You emerge through the door out into the rain with a gasp as the cold rainwater soaks you. Standing over me I open my mouth wide, you start to empty your thick white semen down into my mouth. My body jerks in orgasmic pleasure as I try and catch every drip of you on my tongue. The nerve of you to only let me taste the finishing product!

Knowing exactly what I yearned for, u order me to stand to my feet. We gaze into each other’s eyes for a quick second trading attraction before you turn me around and push my body up against the screen door. You’ll grip my drenched dress in one hand and spread me apart with the other as soon as my ass its tooted just the way you wanted. My gasp is drowned out under the heavy rain along with the sound of you smacking up against my wet cheeks. I’ll roll my hips into your every stride while you give me long deep strokes of ecstasy.

As the rain falls I squeeze my eyes closed so I can feel every stroke by stroke of you entering me. My knees go weak but you bare the weight as you pound me up against the door where I’m not able to move. U hold onto my waist with one hand and place the other over mine as it rests above my head. Wet an nasty we’ll be not caring who might hear or who might see. We engage one another, my walls closing in on you as I brace myself in pure bliss going crazy for the feeling of your cock jerking before you empty out into me!

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