Donyaz Corner Tea Time (stress and love)

Thanks for tuning in Luvz! Let’s sit back in our corner cut and sip tea while we chat…

So, with everything picking back up I’ve been working on how to manage certain things in my life lately. Most of all its been juggling stress in my life which affects the love life as well. See when most of us get stressed out it’s hard to manage other things in our lives. A lot of different things going on in our lives can cause stress! Work loads, kids, school events, money, family issues, hell clutter and things you haven’t been able to tend too.

With these stresses happening around us love sometimes gets put on the back burner or treated as another stress. See love is most definitely work, but it’s supposed to be thankless work. The type of work that doesn’t feel like work most of the time because you enjoy doing your job. When we let love become another stresser that’s when the issues start to arise between you and your partner. One person starts to feel as If they’re being too much and that the other person is getting tired of them. Where as the stressed partner starts to feel their efforts aren’t being appreciated, and they become frustrated with the other party.

This is when communication becomes most important. Why? Because if your partner doesn’t know what’s going on with you then they couldn’t possibly understand why there has been a shift in your mood and love expressions. As a naturally closed off partner I too struggle with this. Be transparent in keeping a connection with your mate so that they don’t feel like such a burden. Make the time the two of you spend easy like an unloading instead of another task you’re scratching off of your list.

Even though you’re personally going through the stress, doesn’t mean your partner can’t help you unburden your burdens. Open up and talk so that they’ll know they matter and you’ll feel like you have someone to share the stress with so that its not all yours. I know that for us who are use to carrying the load this isn’t as easy as it sounds. That’s why its important to share the time of love in a way of fun and shared likes. Do things the both of you enjoy, talk about things that make you happy, or swap opinions on myths and conspiracy’s.

As for the stress its all about finding a balance and letting go of the things that you cannot balance. Make time for needed breaks where you can breathe an get time for meditation. Start doing affirmations which will give you clarity and help ease the uneasy. Once you find peace in not being able to rush but take your time, you’ll start to balance out so that the things around you do too. Remember Luvs that love is supposed to be a stress reliever and a way to help ease and manage your stress, not another task or job but more of a vacation from it all. Its your safe place! -Donnie Sharrell

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