Letter to a Beautiful man! ❤

See the world has hardened our men. But what if i said…. Hey beautiful man who thinks he has to be hard and not express himself with passion! What if I told you I cared and that I wanted to sit and listen to you talk and that I’m here? What if I told you I see through your hardened exterior? What if I told you that we could just sit and chill, and that being your friend before anything is how you’ll heal? That it matters to me how you feel! We’ll laugh and we’ll joke and when you express yourself I won’t change the subject or say a word because I’m just trying to hear.

What if I told you I like when you just be you? Because everything you are amounts to greatness and I’m learning you for you! That you can love another woman besides your momma and that kind of love she has, I have it too!What if I told you your anger and fear is justified and that I’m willing to try and heal you? That when you hurt I hurt but hurting together is better than hurting alone. That I’ll be your lover and your homie and just because you call me that I won’t act like them!

What if I told you I’m okay with seeing your flawed ways because I get to see the real you and not what the world has created? If when I see you our connection creates a smile that sends chills down your spine. What if I told you that you can say fuck everything else and it’s ok to let go and just be mine and let me in? What If I told you that I value your thoughts and your time? That when your hard exterior had been penetrated that its fine. If when we’re alone you can talk and tell me your dreams and thoughts because I’ll ask! What if I told you I wanted to get to know you for you and it’s not based on your past? -Donnie Sharrell

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