2 wrongs can’t make it right!

There’s no more need for you to pretend like you hear my heart talking to you! There’s no need to pretend like we haven’t lost all in all when we decided to make that call! But don’t get it twisted because if what I had to offer was fake, than you’re faker than fake. See i might of been a let down but when it all comes back around and around, it’ll show that when it was time to fight, it wasn’t baby that let go. You had the chance to show up but see I’m not blaming you… Because when you fucked up I belittled you and that was truly wrong of me! I should have played misses fix it and stood tall with my all in the fight!

Now I’m not saying who’s wrong or who’s right, but what I do know is when we gave up the fight it didn’t matter in the end if it was you or me that put up the most fight. See when the full moon came and I can feel my heart thumping, I knew something was wrong between me and the man I was loving. It wasn’t that I had picked wrong or that I was a Choosey Lover, it was the fact that he couldn’t hear my heart anymore and I could feel that it was almost over. Not that I ever wanted it to be or even seen it coming, because honestly my heart was willing to keep on going with this man as long as my heart was thumping.

Now see I could be mad as hell feeling like I want to spit in his face. But that’s not the love that I have for this man this love I know it can’t be replaced. Say, he touched me in ways that nobody had ever done, and inside me Rumbles like a rumpa bum bum my heartbeat yeah that’s the sound of it when I can feel that man… that’s the way that it thumps. Now I see it’s not clear if my heart is done with him or not, but see Mister you keep dropping the ball as if I’m not the one who ties your heart in a knot! Even if he doesn’t know he got me through and through I know what this man did to my heart and baby whether it’s good or bad I don’t blame you!

He gave me air when I could not breathe and when he didn’t even know it. Because see this man right here has a heart of gold but when it came to the love that we shared he felt like I was turning it cold. But that’s not the case, see what I did was dig in deep , just as he did with me bringing me to my Angry crying knees. Yeah I let this man touch me and do things to me like nobody will believe, but it wasn’t just sexual between him and I, it was the most powerful shit I could explain.. even to me!

At the end of it I can’t honestly say that this man turn my heart cold. It was cold before I met him he just went through doors that even to myself where unknown. See two bruised and battered people find each other and it’s Bliss… until those two people hurt each other now it’s fight after fight, and feeling like there is no reason for this big risk. But little do those people know, love karma is a fact! So when they think about each other their hearts will beat for exactly that Ratatat tat, that belongs to them and no one else.

Us may be a loss to him but not to me, because you see through all of the tragedy and pain that I suffered that no one could probably believe, I found him and he found me! My hearts a choosy Lover but it chose this man, so as I weep and cry it out I’ll know that I Can Begin Again. Because what he did is ignite the fight of love that I have, and I know that what I have will be seen because my heart was chose. It was chose to be a lover, and it was chosen to ignite, it was destined to change lives, it was chosen to be mrs. Right! –Donnie Sharrell

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