What she is! #poetry

She is water and she is fire! She is both beauty and beast with the will to become and overcome. She is love, a love that cannot be matched, a love that relentlessly loves you through and through. She is a soft muffled tune. A tune that draws you in, a tune that will become special to you, she’s a tune that only few can hear but it’ll be heard by you! She is a thought that cannot be unthought, but a thought that’s constantly ignored. She’s the type of thought that you’ll always have and your thoughts can easily be taken over by her.

She is his who can see past the soul doors. His who can hear her heart and understand her inside and out and still be willing to give her more. She is both safe and dangerous all at the same time. She is both heavy and lite so none dares to try and carry her. She is misunderstood where as to no one knows how to hear her so they don’t even try to listen. She is tears and smiles. Tears that are heavy, tears that aren’t only hers, with a smile that’s so hidden and magical that it can unburden any burden.

She is her past but his future! She is the key to his confidence, his strength his joy, she is what he loves. She is heart break and healing, a soft spot and concrete together. She is her who feels it all but pushes through striving to be what they said she wouldn’t or shouldn’t. She is tragedy and also hope! Hope of what can be overcome, hope of harmony and relentlessness, and a hope of a heart that’s pure and tainted. She is guidance and intellectual stimulation! Stimulation that you’ll feel from your head. To your toes, through your soul and deep into your third eye.

She is a friend but also a wife. A mother and a daughter, a sister and a cousin. She is fire and water! The woman is all things that create, the key, and all things she can take. But the woman is also damaged, she is hurt, she is the mirror image of a world that stopped loving and no longer protects and puts the woman first! -Donnie Sharrell

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