Sit here! ❤

Come here… Now Sit here so I can tell you a little something about what I want and need out of love since you seem not to remember…!

See I’m a Virgo so naturally I can sustain on my own which means im not that hard to please. Which also means it’s easier for me to give you the tools you need to love me properly. What I’m asking from you is no way beyond your league but it’s exactly what you and I both need. See what I’m looking for is someone who tries to understand me instead of judge me. Im looking for that person who listens when I speak and not just hears the words. Someone who enjoys taking the lead and letting me sit in my feminine energy.

See don’t just sit there and not understand what it is I need, ask me! I need for you to never give up because giving up sounds like failure and failure shouldn’t be an option. See I need for you to give me space while smothering me with love at the same time. I need you to tell me how to please you because pleasing you pleases me and that is a big part of what I need. I want you to be my best friend, my safe place, a person I can confide in and chill with on my bad day. Someone who can be my little world and keep the stress at bay.

Come here, let me tell you how I need someone who is assertive but soft with me at the same time. See I need a person who will put me in my place but also let me know it’s ok to be vulnerable with him because my hearts safe. I need you to freak the freakiest part of my mind and my body. I need you to laugh with me and explore the deepest parts of my mind and let me explore yours too. I want he who will baby me and match my energy, he who sees through the barrier I created to protect me from pain. The man who sits through fire with me and loves me even when i show my fangs.

Come here… Sit here and listen while I tell you what I need, Listen to me while I do the same. I wanna know what it is you need, so I can dig deep inside me and be she who gives you her all, exactly what you need. See it’s a love fire inside of me, I want you to burn in that fire with me. Just me and you, come here, sit here and let me talk to you!

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