Moans and Groans

It’s the middle of the day and the end to the tingling sensations that you’re providing are a while away. I can feel the air getting thick around us as you rest one hand on the back of my neck, and the other rubbing up my thigh. I lean back on the sofa and open my thighs hinting for you to go higher as my hands explore your lower abdomen heading for your briefs line. The way I feel you mentally and emotionally is way beyond sexually, but it most definitely causes a fire of chemistry. The feeling of your heat on mine pulls us in as u roll over in-between my thighs burying your face in my neck.

I try and rush to pull your briefs down but you grab me by a handful of my hair, yanking my head back to quickly put me in my place. It is you who is in charge! I don’t speak, only comply because your other hand is doing magic with two fingers stuffed inside of me. You slowly glide your thick now sticky fingers in and out of my blooming flower. I can feel your hard dick pressed up against the inside of my leg which only drives me all the more crazy. You pull your fingers out of me and lick the front of them, I couldn’t resist but to lean up and slurp my juices from the back of them.

This riles you up! You look me dead in my eyes shoving your fingers into my mouth as you bite your bottom lip and drive your face straight into my wetness. My entire body sinks in the sofa with trimmers from the way you spread me open and slurp my clitoris into your mouth. Oh how warm your mouth is! The way you were sucking on me causes my back to lift up off of the cushions, and my breathing to become more labored than it already was. Like the dominant you are you grip my hips and press me back down, pushing my legs together and up to my chest so my full flower could be served to you in full.

Like a sex ninja you are, you spin around in a 69 position. Your voice was stern and assertive. “Open your mouth”! I was lost in pure bliss as I lick my lips and open wide obeying your command.“Ahh shit girl you better suck that mufucka,’ I wanna feel your whole throat”. You groan aloud face still in my pussy as I take your thick muscle past my uvula and use my throat muscles to suck on you. I wrap my legs around your head as you fuck my throat I hunch your tongue.

Before I could have an orgasm on your face you lift up off of me and pull me up onto my knees. My eyes widen as you grip me by my throat an push me up on the arm of the sofa making me lean back into a bridge. You place my legs on your shoulders and lean all the way over me as you enter my pulsing pussy. “Ugh shit baby I can feel all of you!” I couldn’t help but moan as you lick around my areola then use your teeth to tease my nipples with pain. You were slowly deep stroking my insides making my pussy start to drip the way that you do.

You were driving my body crazy and I couldn’t help but start to fuck you back from below. You lean up and look me dead in the eyes with a look of defense. “Oh so you think you’re running something“? I knew I had fucked up by the way you lean up and give me a firm ass smacking that echoes throughout the den. You pull me up and grabbing me by my chin. “I asked you a question”. Our faces were close enough to reach our tongues out and lick one another.

Which is exactly what you do! You shove your entire tongue into my mouth and your entire cock into my stomach. My entire body stiffens up because this time there was nothing slow or soft about your stroke which causes me to crumble at your will. “No baby, you run it..! You run it”! I pull back from your throat tongue lashing to let you know I knew who was running the show. The tooth sucking grin you crack as your pace starts to quicken sends chills of ecstasy down my spine, because if sex symbol was a person it would definitely be you.

You grab me by my throat once more, this time squeezing a little tighter than last time just the way I like it.“Now you can fuck me back” you tell me through gritted teeth. I lean up on my arms as you hold me by the ass cheeks and start to drill my now soaking creamy center. I do exactly as you’d told me too, pussy sounds bouncing off of the walls around us. I could feel my insides starting to tingle and my heart starting to beat faster by the pump. It gets even quicker as you shove your thumb in my ass giving me double penetration, the pleasure you were giving me was damn near uncontrollable.

The sweat had began to trickle down your forehead onto your chest then down your stomach and onto mine. I couldn’t hold my orgasm back anymore as I wrap my arms around your neck and use my muscles to fuck you back. You go as deep as you can and start to drill the back of my guts, then as I start to go you pull out causing me to erupt in squirts of pleasure. As I’m making a mess you push back inside of me and continue to hit my spot once again. This time with a look of pure demon sex drive written across your face, I could tell you were about to cum. I pull you in by the sides of your ass and lean you back, that way I could grind my hips back and forth until I feel you about to pop off.

I study you, the man who was about to feel me up. My flower grips as you squeeze your eyes shut and start to grunt a satisfied defeated toned. Your body starts to lock up and that’s when I hop off of your member and drop down wrapping my mouth around you. Your body loosens up and starts to jerk as your filling squirts out onto the back of my tongue and throat. I suck on the tip of your penis, then back down to the base I go with saliva filled jaws as I caress your balls to make sure I was getting my full serving. “Fuck… Baby baby baby! Ugh damn girl” you groan pulling my head off as your ties curl.

I give you a naughty grin that causes you to chuckle softly before laying my head on your chest. I lay there in satisfaction still dripping wet. Making you cum has to be one of my favorite things to do! -Donnie Sharrell

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