Hello fall 🍁

Hello Fall season! The season of misted paths and chilled winds. The season of somber coziness and misunderstood nature. Hello fall..! The fall who mists the trees and the grass that house dying leafs. Leafs that live to bloom and fall with grace.🍁

I watch as fall falls around us and the air starts to turn and cut with crisp. I feel the change in what always changes as the leafs fall and seasonal cleansing begins. Begins in somberness and color, color that will be washed away.🍁

Hello to the fall that haunts me with the chilled memories of the holiday’s to come. The ones that come and go without those ole so special missed souls. Hello to the fall that has air that stirs and turns.🍁

A fall has come, the season of returning and rebirth. Hello you, you who provides wisps of freshness and seasonal change. The season of wetness, the season of lust. Hello fall who is my reminder of the things I miss. 🍁

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