Hey you!

Hey you! You who cannot hear my heart anymore, you who is the holder of my love and the keeper of my safeness. Hey you! You with they eyes of a poet and the mind of a scorned lover, do you believe me when I say I got you? Its not what you think it is with me, its not mistrust, its not anger, and it damn sure isn’t hate. Its hurt that I feel, its passion and us that I miss.

Hey you! Hey you who I enjoy, you who I’d endure anything for, you who lights the way on my darkest days. Hey you, yeah you whom I love. Do you know that i want to be your biggest accomplishment and your longest love? Did you know that when you stopped hearing and seeing me you started hurting us? Hey you! You who I want to relearn and you who I want to trust. Do you know that beginning again is not impossible if you reaffirm the lust?

I don’t know why the cosmic plane is against our love! But hey you, if everything is against us then maybe it’s because we’ve done it… Found the perfect love! I know what happened now, but the reason is not exactly us. Its deeper than that, you’re my twin flame there’s not supposed to even be a you and I in the cosmic eye. Hey you, we balance the plains, when we’re apart the balance is off and chaos wins every race. Hey you, I love you and between you and I, Im sorry I contributed to our loss and let hurt get between us and mark our fate.

Hey you! Do you understand that it takes two for there to be an us? Do you know that if someone really loves you that you can determine how they react and how they show you love? Hey you, my heart talks to you day in and day out. But it’s up to you to hear that heart and realize that it’s bruised and battered and needs an infinity of love. I hear you I understand when you speak! My reaction is a defense mechanism because it’s clear your heart stopped hearing me.

I hear you even when you don’t think I do. I see inside your heart and that scares me because where did you come from, who sent you. Hey you with the beautiful smile and the beat down spirit, I love you for you and I prayed that there would be more for us. Hey you, I know the darkness that grows within, baby I see you even when you think your light has dimmed. You were made for me and see that there will never end. Hey you, before you go I just wanted to say I live you ten timed over, again and again! -Donnie Sharrell

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