Soft tone of love! #poetry

Soft whispers and somber tones to share between the two! Slight laughter and enjoyment of being with you!

Emotional connections and shared tantric energy that sprout a bond through and through!

Mind and body catering to one another in full acceptance, with no hidden agenda and no closed doors. Just the two of you open and filled with each other’s love angled spirit!

Softness and patience to tend to your needs. With sprouted sunshine of understandings in bliss and soft breathes that the two of you both breathe!

Not only is there a soulful connection but there’s a bond that was weaved… through the ups and downs and cosmic balance that Carter to both needs!

So with those soft whispers and bursts of silence that the two share… There will be an unbreakable bond that will give them both the reassurance that they need! -Donnie Sharrell

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