Letter 2 my heart❤

Help me to heal and let go, to forget all the things that I’ve accepted and have not accepted. Help me to choose my battles wisely and close myself off to the hurt that is loving this man. Yes I love this man more than I love myself but for him I can not say the same so please Im asking that you help wash him away. Wash away the desire to be his one and only, wash away my dream of being his forever and always. Help me to distract my heart from the things that cannot be and the yearning that I can’t fight.

I’m asking for my heart to follow my mind and come back to me. Its mine and maybe he’s undeserving of the greatness that we could be, or maybe he took his pain out on me. Help me to forgive and forget everything I wanted from we, so that I can move and and receive the blessings that are meant to be. Wash away the happy memories that constantly haunt me, that small hope of happiness is what keeps the connection alive inside. I pray for the feelings I feel to disappear, for everything he promised me wasn’t real!

Help wash away all that once was, because once isn’t anymore. I pray that I can let go, because once again he hasn’t proved what I’m holding on for. Yes I accept this man fully that couldn’t accept me, but I need to ask myself why I’m so willing to receive less than what’s been given. Please heart Im begging you just this one time, let it go. Put the shield back on top and accept that he’s not the forever for you. We will be ok because we are all that we have, we’ve picked ourselves up before so let the mind lead and this loss be our last. We deserve greatness, a partner that wont run and give up, so please help me help us let go of all that use to be us! -Donnie Sharrell

4 thoughts on “Letter 2 my heart❤

  1. If that’s what u truly need I will respect that n help u thru this … Never was my intentions but we both know the parts we played n this game of love!! Just didn’t want us to end like this! I apologize for all the pain I caused n all the tears I brought!! I just hope u can find it n u to actually forgive me!! This was never the plan!!😔

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      1. I promise to do better by u.. ik I fell short on my promises but that was never the plan!! I can tell u anything but the fight I have n me n the love ik u can clearly c.. baby I’ll never give up on u!! On us!!! Just Kno I’m on my job n I don’t do off days💯

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