Prospering love engagements!

Long kisses that ignite the power of love that we’ll share! Through tender breaths and lip learning, we prosper in love!

From eye engaging stares that reassure the passion we share. To physical tantric body to body touching where you feel me and I feel you!

Nights of yearning for each other on top of growing stronger apart make the heart grow fonder. My soul bound to yours and yours mine through miles away!

A spiritual connection with us fully engaged and embracing the moments of memories we’ll share and create!

We share these things which make up our emotional bond and create a world that only you and I exist in. We are each others confidence and place of love and tenderness!

For as long as we breathe there will always be a possibility of we. We which will be us and share in the moments and time that we create!

2 thoughts on “Prospering love engagements!

  1. Clearly I took this the wrong way!! Smh no comment or like or nothing!!🤦🏾‍♂️Ig I should have got the picture sooner but silence tells a person everything they need to hear!!💯


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