Planet organism 🌍

It grows in us, for us, and with us. The perspiration of love that can not be kept with lock and key. It grows in us! The yearning to be what we are destined to be, but struggle to become. The mission to make out the mystery that is life causing misery, for we cannot see that we are the mystery it’s self. It grows within us, around us, for us. Feelings of things that we cannot explain, the beliefs that are covered in Grey. This is made to help mold us, conform us, to keep us.

Happiness that is deserved but that we cannot receive. For receiving what it is we need is deemed to be selfish. It is made for us, within us, around us. The growth of what is ours is freighting to those who aren’t built with the vigilance to be self aware. The strength we desire to become is the same strength we beg for a break from. But breaks do not equal drive. All though this grows within us, before us, and around us.

It grows in the soils of earths core. The core that we’re created from, the core that breathes life into we who spiritually occupy its being. We seek the purity and perspiration that is clarification of ones self. We chase what it is we have because chasing is the fuel of humanity. Once there is no more growth there will be a still that interrupts the planets vibration. It grows within in, around us, for us!

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