Donyaz Corner Tea Time

Thanks for tuning in Luvz, it’s been a while! Let’s sit back and our corner cut and sip tea while we discuss self action and accountability….!

When it comes to self action and accountability or being accountable in love, where is it that you stand Luvz? See I’m on the richter scale in the love area because I can take accountability and dismiss everything once I’m upset. When it comes being self accountable though I can most definitely do that. I can because I am already so hard on myself on a daily basis that part just comes natural for me. I am hard on myself when it comes to love as well that’s why I can’t accept when Iknow I’ve been on some bullshit because I can really get out of my body in that love department. I’m pure in nature weather it’s pure poision or natural sugar cain, so when I don’t get that back the wheels in my head get to spinning like crazy!

With anything I do I come in with a free spirit and expectations of hope that everything will work out. I never go into anthing with the intent to desstroy or mislead because like I said before, when it’s done to me I will get out of my body. Now on the subject of SELF ACTION I can get a bit out of hand with this one. Again I’m hard on myself like I know You, so many of my Luvs are too. If I’m not getting all thsese goals I’ve compiled together and set for myself done at a pace that’s not sluggish, TO ME, then I become overwhelmed and I harp on not gettinfg it done. My issue with this specific task is that I will set way too many expectations for myself, and really beat myself up if i don’t get a million and one of them done.

I want to know where you stand because I’ve been having a battle with myself over these things. These thing’s may seem small, right? But when it comes to companionship they become hug. Hell even in business if you’re not being accountable for yourself and the thing’s you need to accomplish you will fall flat on your ass! See being told that I can’t admit my wrongs or just give in and accept that I fell short here or there does bother me. It guess it bothers me because that means if I  can’t admit I’m wrong then I can’t help fix the issue either. The bottom line is I hate to not get it right so admitting that I didn’t get it right out loud is down right frustrating.

I can admit it to myself and fix it but dang I don’t need anybody calling out my mistakes. Especially when I’ll be doing just fine until the person that’s going to later call me out for my mistakes knocks me off of my game. Sorry luvz that was a love and war reference that I need to knock off because that there is an example of not being accountable for letting myself be knocked of of my game at all. I think being accountable I can do, it’s the self control that we need to gossip about. Iknow you can relate on being silent for so long that you get to a point in a situation that you can’t help but have a rebuttle, to be a little snarky. This my luvs has nothing to do with accountability, this is not caring to and not being in control of ones self and emotions.

The work that all of us in this war between ones self and accountability is not an overnight task. We have to learn to accept the things that we can’t change and not harp on them. We have to step back and not feel attacked when we know we can change the things that we can but aren’t doing so. Slow down and dont get overwhelmed with so many tasks that we overlook the fact that we aren’t being accountable and showing up for ourselves or the people around us. Work is all we can do but once we start as (do-ers) then the finishing touches won’t be so hard. It’s been a long time and we covered a lot Luvz, until next time… muwah! -Donnie Sharrell

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