New Year 4 More!

With the new year coming in full speed I hope that the tree of love will bloom around the universe. In this new year spreading more love and letting your light shine is one of the biggest goals we as a people should have. I strive to be more understanding and to have more patience with the people around me as well as ones self. I strive to take my time and set weekly goals to help keep my area of home inside clear. With the new year coming in full speed have you thought about what you want the next 12 months of your life to look like?

I want more business connections that will help lead me to my goals as a business owner. I want the new year to provide me with a love that is big enough to trump all odds that are placed against us so that we’re unbreakable. Being more in the moment when I’m having an experince is a goal that I need to work on in all areas in my life. Not being able to forgive fully has always been an issue for me so I need to work on that as well. Everybody needs work, so allowing ones self to define the work that needs to be done is a big win. Once you identify what it is you need to work on then the big step is to put the foot forward and hold yourself to it.

With the new year coming in full speed I want you guys to find a comfort in meditation and do not beat yourself up. Covid and lockdown put us all in a tough spot so we need to take in consideration that we all may be feeling a bit out of ordinary and need to give ourselves some slack. I vow to take my time with thing’s that are important to me but also frustrate me. I vow to be more intimate with the one im loving and also be more vocal about the boundaries I need for us to have a safe and respectful union. I want more out of this year and if that means cutting thing’s off than I vow to do just that to secure a safe and happy year!

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