Brewing Love! #Poetry

That love the brews inside of me can be as sweet as a plum or as dark as time in space. That love that brews inside of me is a love that I have never recieved. It’s a love that you yearn for but a love that you hate once it’s taken away. It’s that type of love that makes or breaks you but a love that is also rare. What brews inside of me is more than love but a ball full of fire that has every element tucked inside of it waiting to be set free.

That love that brews and grows inside of me is a love that is not meant for the weak. It’s a love that is to be guarded and not played with because palying with it can only destroy the beauty of what it is. This love is the love that deserves caution because one false move and it’s stuffed back behind that wall. This love that brews inside of me is made up of so many things that it’s hard to know where it began and what made it so unique and strong. It couls be the pain, the fear of it being taken away, it could be the will that it had to have just to continue to grow through the termoil it was formed in.

This love can be a lot of stuff but it’s never been fake. It’s a love that glows in the darkest of night’s, a love that stands before and behind all that is worthy of it. The type of love that I want to recieve is the love that I’m wiilimng to give if that love is true from the start. I don’t want the caution that pushes my person so far that they’re okay with being disloyal. I want a person that stands beside me just as I do them able to take the time to learn me the way I will do them.

See that love that brews inside of me is a love that can only grow stronger with time. I have control over that and that I will not change no matter what situation I go through that trys to stain it, it will always be a good love. I’m going to spread it, I’m not going to hide it because I am affraid to get hurt, nope It’s a love that somebody will need. That person will have that same type of love for me! -Donnie Sharrell

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