Ooh Sometimes! #Poem

Sometimes walking away doesn’t break you, and some times staying doesn’t make you. Sometimes you have to wait and see just how willing you are, and sometimes you have to rethink your decision to be willing at all! Being willing to love, and being willing to let go, being wiiling to move on doesn’t always go as planned. But sometimes no matter how much you want something it just is what it is!

Sometimes the person you thought you loved isn’t the person you’re supposed to love if that makes any sesnse. Not often but sometimes you find the persone you’re supposed to love but you don’t trust yourself so we stop doing the work and let that love burry it’s self in loves ditch. Sometimes we fuss within about the thing’s we didn’t do, but when it’s all said and done what you learned from evry mistake will always stick with you. Like all thing’s it will stick with you for only a moment, or it will stick with you a lifetime, but what sticks can’t be unstuck unless you’re willing to unstick it!

Some where in all of the chaos, I learned to like the pain! That’s why sometimes I let go of objects that turned out to actually mean some thing to me.Sometimes I hide my feelings, and sometimes i can’t, but sometimes I pray that the person I choose will be the person for me. Yes sometimes I hate him, and sometimes I wish he would have just understood me more. Then again sometimes he pretended too and I pretended not to see when he started to do so!

Just sometimes I wish that I would have been born a differnt person, and sometimes I know I am who i was meant to be. Then there’s times I want to spread the love that I have. Sometimes he shows he’s worthy then other times he folds. Wearing two faces that I can sometimes tell the difference in, and other times I can’t. Sometimes he’s right and other times he’s far off, but I know that sometimes is sometimes and that’s never consistant.

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