Brighter love thing’s!

Let’s brighten it up! Yes when I’m referring to it, I mean this love thang! Lets brighten the mood, tighten up how we move, and be bestfriend’s an lovers an I’ll give that softness to you. How about we begin again, brighten the mood and the way we interact. Lets chill on the bullshit and let our love, love even if it’s not all on track. We have to remember that together, baby we got that!

Lets brighten the mood, ease things up and you do me while I do you. Get to know one another again but with our love in the light, lets begin again. Uncertain should only be an adventure, there’s missteps in everything and everything we are. So let’s brighten it up and kill the outside noise that’s too loud for us to hear us! With brightness there’s a love that shines, staying in that brightness is a challenge but I’m ok with one as long as you’re mine!

Lets brighten it up because we are the light even when the entire world seems dim. Being afraid is our fuel to the will of not letting it end before the end. There is no end to a good love as long as you feed that love with brightness. So let’s brighten things up, for the sake of what is! It starts in the mind, and choosing not to let the interaction go sideways right then when it’s all or nothing and you’re all in . We will brighten the mood, because once our light dims, then that most likely will be the end of the me and you!

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