Eyes of Affirmations!

Hey deep eyes! You with the pain embedded in your soul and the chip on your shoulder, you are great. You are capable, you are strong, and you are worthy. Hey deep eyes! Deep eyes that tell a story and hide one just as well, hey. You who beats the beauty out of yourself, you who doesn’t see just how special you are and how much love surrounds you. Hey deep eyes that you try and hide so that no one can see inside.

You who deserves peace but is drowned by sarrow from disappointment, you are the declaration of life itself. You grew from a forged fire and still burning you walk among the delusional holding a smile. Hey beautiful eyes, you need to know that what you feel is your truth and that’s alright. Deep in those eyes there is a glimmer of hope and a sparkle of light, you are a the conductor that can’t hide those deep eyes.

Hey deep eyes with a mite of a worrior and the heart of a lover, it is you who will prevail. You who stands in your essence and you who’s spirit is unsure. For a rich man isn’t more valuable than when he stands in his misery alone. Hey you, deep eyes! You are more than what they told you you’d become, and more brave than you ever knew you could be. You who holds their head high when it’s oh so heavy, you with the deepest eyes one could bare… Your soul is embedded with fight and your destinyis marked with greatness!

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