Again and again!

Again and again it happens between us. The yelling the fights, the misunderstandings, the stolen moments that we should share. Again and again it happens again, for the moments that should be filled with love are now full of disdain and the missing pieces that make up us. The place that is supposed to be safe has now crowded over with the high tone of unhappiness and the pleading of the soul to be heard and loved. I look at you and I dont understand how it has gotten this way, this out of touch!

Again and again it happens between us! The fear of what we could lose and the fear of what has already disappeared. We are not doing our best and this love test here should not be defeating us so..! So we go on and on again and again, no one wanting to lose what it is they waited so long to find. But it’s clear that again will surely lead to our demise, our end. Because we refuse oh so greatly to find where we begin instead of facing the end!

So again and again I look into your eyes trying to find the beginning again. Where I end is where you begin, but where there should be and end we just begin again. Again and again we put forth that foot and for some reason any reason at all we find a space that doesn’t allow us to be. There is no palce like home and my home is in your heart, but where is yours?

Uncertain and bruised we pick ourselves up and we begin again. The same hope, but a broken spirit, again and again it’s us against us. But when does that beginning reset and we really catch ourselves and fight for what it is that’s ours again. No running no ruining, but us finding us as we sit in somber to rebuild again, So that over again our love will restart and sit how it began. Before I go I just want you to know that in the end there is always a place to begin, again and again!

3 thoughts on “Again and again!

  1. U have to stop that cycle for urself.. we all know our fk ups n where we go wrong! Its up to us to change n fix those things!! If u know it’s worth every fight n misunderstanding y would u ever wanna give up on it?? We gotta find it n ourselves to start over fresh n move like we actually want it!! Clear all the unnecessary smoke so it won’t b any confusion!! 💯

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