Love Magic!

The magic of love runs through me and all over me as I am a hopeless romantic. I dwell in the magic of it all, on loves good and bad days. The intoxication of it all is an intoxication that I drink in and through me. Love may be all of the things that aren’t sugar and spice, but love is also that breath of freash air when you thought you could no longer breathe from the inside. It fills you up and it’s spontaneous in nature. It’s worth the confusion the illusion and the head spin of a heart intrusion, because love builds and reveals you not only to them but to yourself!

The magic of love gives me hope and the strength to stay and hold on to the magic that I myself helped create. A magic that can become clouded over by the things that aren’t going to matter in the end, and consume us in a way that it can bring out the worse in us. See love isn’t for the week because it tests all of your bounderies and if you can’t with stand going within then there is no reason to even begin. But the real magic of it will test you and bless you with the most beautiful thorny love it can find. A love that will catch you off guard, knock you on your ass and steal your heart from behind.

The magic of love runs through my body and down in my soul, but it is sometimes blocked by the pain of past loves that I’ve known. The magic is a magic that not everyone finds, so if you do I suggest you dive into it with a spacious heart and a love driven mind. For love can break you if you don’t give it it’s time. Love is selfish you have to nurture it and damn near let the magic rule your mind. Give it space to grow within you, and accept what it has to show you. Because when the magic of love runs through you, it chooses for you, listen to it roar!

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