Love Sprinkles ❤

If only a sprinkle of love could be thrust upon our hearts, there would be a wave of compassion and enjoyment that would sweep across the lay of the land. With only a sprinkle of love so many seeds could be planted for so many growth’s. I will let the dust fall upon me and spread the magic through me. I will digest the sprinkles that are meant for so few, and speak love into the deserving!

If only sprinkles of love would fall from the sky like drops of snow, coverings earths layouts, then we could walk in love. Leaving footprints on a walking path of greatness that leads to vulnerability, prosperity, bliss and passion. If only sprinkles of love would shine through life’s darkness when we need them the most, then we would think in the manor of love. A manor in which being is more than showing, and loving is greater than being loved!

I hope that those sprinkles will run from my toes up to my brain and that I will think in the thought of love. That I will walk in the stride of love, speak the native tongue of love, be in love. If only a sprinkle of love would touch everyone with out the following of pain, then maybe the art of love won’t die. If only if only love could live without having to hide. If only there could be more love for you and I, then those sprinkles could sprinkle through us, for us with love sprinkles in our hearts and eyes!

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