After all 🖤

After all the fights, after all the love and connection mean nothing, even if I let go, at least I’ll know that what I felt for you was real through and through. After all that we shared are only memories, even after my body no longer yearns for you, I’ll know that I tried to grow in love and it wasn’t easy for me to give up on you! I’ll know that even in the end all I wanted was to learn you, ease your mind and heal together from within! After all of our love is dead and gone, I’ll regroup and smile with appreciation, because you… Baby you taught me something!

2 thoughts on “After all 🖤

    1. I whatever it was helped u n not complicate things more cuz I’m definitely lost rn cuz I don’t know what it is that I’m missing!! Like fr the whole reason we here rn🤦🏿‍♂️ n u don’t tell me or b clear like u think u do!! But if u willing to just throw everything away B4 u Kno what the issue even is.. that’s on u!! I’m more welcome to help u figure out what our downfall was n things that got us here💯

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