Settled perfection­čśŹ

I want more because settling for less is like having nothing at all. I want the random all day lingering conversations that pick up where they left off. The confirmation that you want me and enjoy keeping me as yours, I want it. I want the laughter and understanding that if nobody has our best interest we have that for each other. I want to feel safe when safety isn’t promised, and I want you to know that your heart’s safe with me too.

I want the ups that come with the downs as long as the downs contribute to our build up. I want to be heard, but not just for what I speak, but for what I don’t speak of too! I want to listen to you, to understand you and grow with you in a place that you’re sure I’m not playing when I say that I got you. I want to step back and not be so tough all the time, to let my man lead and live in my feminine energy. I want to walk beside a man in full confidence that he’s mine knowing that we’ll build together making power couple moves. You all in with me and me all in for you!

I know what I want and settling isn’t it! I know that I’m all in when it comes to love and I want all of it. I want the passion, a best friend, a partner in crime and a nasty master. I want a man who knows patience, better yet knows himself because to know is to be able to teach. I want guidance, open mindedness and a soft spot for that man. I want to ride on a wave length of love and calming energy. To just be in a place of bliss so that I can fully give myself to a king. But most of all, what I want is joy and matrimony!

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