Nodika’s sexual excursions (Stalled relations­čĹů)

I had drowned out most of the conversation at the dinner table tonight, my mind was on other things. Mr had been away for the past 2 month’s on a business trip and I was sick of the long distance phone sex, I wanted the warm meat. He reaches his hand under the table to get my attention and grips my thigh right above my knee. I focus back in on his colleague yammering on about the deal they’d closed while he and Mr was a away. I was tuned in with the rest of the dinner party just as Mr starts to caress my leg, slowly moving higher and higher up the inside if my thigh.

I glance over at him and he really looked as if he was listening to his co-workers and not foundling me under the table. I let out a long breath as his finger’s start to creep on the side of my panty line. My Mrs starts to pulsate and I had to do something to keep a straight face. I play with the ring around the wine glass infront of me just as his thick fingers slip under the panties and into my wetness. I watch as he taunts me and licks his lips massaging my clitoris with his middle finger. I felt my eyes start to roll but I catch myself, I had to get up and excuse myself before my ass let out a moan infront of his colleagues.

I scurry to the ladies room, as soon as I looked in the mirror as I washed my hands it was clear I was having withdraw from my drug. I lock myself in the last stall and lean onto the wall, pop my foot up on the tissue dispenser, and pull my panties to the side. I close my eyes and dip my still damp finger’s into my wet box. I use one hand to brace the other as I fuck myself, I bite my bottom lip trying to keep quiet as I move my hips back and forth. Someone enters the bathroom and takes the stall right beside me but I couldn’t stop. I let my pointer and index finger work together slowly, letting them so in and out of me, my other hand now cupped over my mouth.

It felt like it took forever for the person to leave but once I hear that door close again, I immediately go back to work on my orgasm. I usually would have been done but I couldn’t reach the spot, I hadn’t been able to for the past few weeks actually. Just as it was starting to get good and my juices had begun to drizzle down my inner thighs, someone else enters the restroom. I listen as their footsteps get closer and closer and closer to me. I could feel him. Mr stops right outside of the stall, and when he spoke his voice was soft and deep as he spoke.      

“Can I come in and help you out baby”? My body jerks with tempting pleasure to the sound of his voice. The lock clicks from the inside and Mr comes inside, I could tell he had missed me as much as I missed him. He pushes up on me real close and just the smell of him made my muscles tighten, and my wet spot get even more wet. I exhale softly as he used his tongue and lips to devour me from the nap if my neck down to the top of my waist line. It had been so long since he’d touched me that, my body was literally quivering.

Mr looks up at me and grins a mischievous grin as he rubs my pearl through my panties.“Do you like these Lil’ panties you got on Baby’? His question throws me for a loop but I don’t leave him waiting on a response. “Yes Mr! I think their kinda’ sexy, don’t you”? Mr bites my thigh causing me to wince in pleasurable pain. “Oh yeah…! You think you can ask me questions hu? Lemme’ remind you of your place then.”

His aggression was sudden and I was indulging in every bit of it as he stands and snatches me by the throat as he peers down into my eyes. This man knew exactly what My body needed an I his! I stick my tongue out toward him but Mr doesn’t let me touch his lips, he counties to stare into my eyes as he slowly reached down in-between my thighs with his free hand. Mr opens his mouth wrapping his warm tongue around mine. I feel him grab a handful of my panties and gasp as he pulls, he ripping my panties off with one hard tug.

He picks me up and sons me upside down so that I’m looking dead at his mans. Like a gremlin he goes straight in slurping my entire pudding cup into his mouth and precipitate. I reveal my most favored asset on his body and gobble that thing whole. The sounds of slurping, spitting, swallowing, moans, groans and sucking fill the bathroom air. I tried my hardest to put every inch of Mr’s Dick in my mouth, I missed the taste of him. “Fuck yeah,eat that dick Baby…the whole thing!” Mr demands giving my right ass cheek a good hard slap.

Just as he was getting a good groove in the back of my throat, someones enters the restroom. He hadn’t locked it like I thought before, this made things all the more heated between our horny asses. Mr softly lets me down onto my feet but manhandles me up against the stall wall. I bite my bottom lip trying not to let a sound escape me as he pushes up inside of me from behind. But my quietness didn’t matter because as soon as Mr grips me by the hip with one hand, and uses the other to cover my mouth, the entire stall wall begins to creek with my body against it.

Mr propped one foot up on the toilet and holds one of mine up pushing me forward so that my behind is poked out and my back is arched. His stroke wasn’t fast, it wasn’t slow, but it was definitely deep and rough. I had my arm reach back wrapped around his head with my eyes closed I wanted to feel every stroke as he dug off inside of me. The sex was feeling so good but I forgot where we were or that the bathroom was even occupied. I snatch away from his hold on my mouth and moan out loud.“Oh my goodness, yes Mr teach me my place just like that!”

Right then the bathroom sink comes on and Mr and I stop and stare at each other and awkward silence. We could tell there nosey ass was creeping out of the bathroom and as soon as that door closes we both let out a soft laugh. With the biggest grin ever I start to throw my pussy back on him and of course my dom doesn’t back down. He leans into me, his face was turned up as if he was about to growl as he pumps into me letting the sound of his pelvis and my ass cheeks slapping together echo throughout the bathroom. Neither one of us cared about the workers at the restaurant or his colleagues hearing this anymore we were completely lost in Bliss and ecstasy.

We were lost in each other as Mr spins me around toward him and picks me up. I wrap my legs around him and he puts his arms under my leg’s so that he could lift me up and down and I could bounce my ass into him as he pokes my ribs. I was wide open, dripping wet and every vain in Mr’s forehead was poking out. His sweat was dripping down onto my thighs and his teeth gritted, I couldn’t help but to win and lick some off of his neck. “Ugh… ask me for this nut” he demands. His demands instantly made me burst into a shaking orgasm which pumps my man up. I hang my head back, mouth wide open as he starts to drill my tight walls.

“Please Mr gummie’ ya nut? Please… I promise I won’t waste it.” I squeeze my walls around his manhood as he starts to jerk inside of me but I hop down and drop to my knees before he could finish. I open my mouth and gaze up into his eyes and Mr knew exactly what I wanted from him and what he wanted to see. He grabs me by the back of my head with one hand and starts to stroke the head of his instructor with the other. I watch him intensely cutting my eyes at him just as he leans up onto his tippy toes and explores his reward onto my chin an titties.

“Ugh.. Shit baby there you go! Fuck… That’s what you was acting up over hu..?” His knees had buckled a bit and he was leaning forward with one hand placed on the stall door. I use my index finger to scoop some of his cum up into my mouth and grin at him.“Thank you Mr”! We both burst into laughter as he helps me clean up. It was what we had been missing, it was our connection, it was our love language!

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