Energy sucker🔔(AskDonya

Hey Luvz! Its been a minute so let’s chat because…Imprinting & projecting energy onto others as well as having your energy stolen, is real! 🤷🏽

You can know yourself front to back, being who and what you naturally are and still have your energy stolen, or someone elses energy projected onto you. For example… Say you’re listening to calm music which is nothing but frequency vibration. It is natural for the energy of the music to project upon you, intimately altering your mood and changing your energy. Same with people, who also carry frequencies and energy around with them. The energy doesn’t have to effect you negatively either, because being in the presence of positive energy can only rub off on you, right?

I’ve decided to discuss this topic because I recently fell in the trap of what I have named, an energy sucker! See an energy sucker can be a person place or a thing. In my case im mostly effected by the people or places, but right now we are going to discuss the person. Because when you meet these people it’s hard to identify them for what they are. See they reel you in with this care free open persona, getting to know you watching your mood and being your safe place. But this is their game and they probably won’t even know they’re even doing it.

The truth is, these people were unhappy when you met them in the first place. They could be unhappy with themselves, with their situation, their past, with their mental health, hell just them as a whole and they find solace in your bright energy. But while you’re open and letting your energy flow and mold, their hiding their negative energy. That frequency of uncertainty, unhappiness, depressions, abandonment and mistrust is running through them and you’ll never have a clue that their even projecting all of that onto you and absorbing your light. It’s crazy because it happens so quickly that you wont even realize that by doing this they’ve stolen your energy, imprinted their negatives onto you, and altered you as a whole.

An energy sucker will figure out in the back of their mind that the both of you have changed but never realize the bigger picture. Now energy wise you are a part of them and them you as they do a full 360 using the energy they have stolen from you, to make that change! Watch how these people constantly find fault in you. Watch how they tell you it’s ok to show your short comings and constantly pry to find your ugly masked parts that you’ve work hard to burry and leave behind you. Watch out because one of their powers is to use that ugly part of you to replace it with that bright energy they’ve stolen without you even realizing it.

This is one of the reasons why when we say watch your energy, we mean watch your energy! It’s hard to get your energy back from them, but don’t worry because your energy is yours and it will backfire on those who it does not belong to. Another good thing is that we constantly create new energy with the way we move speak and think. You will always be able to harness the frequency of the universe that matches your energy. Everything and everyone has a frequency its our job to form it into energy and use it, to steer it for ourselves in the most positive and loving way.

So my luvz please look out for those Energy suckers they’re sneaky as hell! They are good at pretending to be something they’re not and presenting themselves in a way that appeals to you so that they can get close to your energy and consume it. Learn the signs and recognize when someone is trying to project onto you. Protect your energy! -Donnie Sharrell

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