I can feel you! πŸ’“

I can feel you! I can feel you even when we’re miles away. Even when we’re no longer nurturing our connection, even when we’re at a standstill or when we have damn near fallen apart. I can feel you because you were made for me, because my heart has always been yours. I can feel your hurt, your anger, your depression and your regret too!

I feel the emotions that grow in your body because these are the things that we share. I can feel the passion that stirs in your belly, I can feel the strength that you were born with. Even when you shut me out, even when you’ve given up on yourself, even when you think all odds are against you I can still feel you and I got your back. Because I can feel you inside and out it makes our connection a connection that is unbreakable. Even after we’ve gone our separate ways, I’ll still be able to feel you!

I can feel the light in your soul abs I know you can feel mine too. I can feel the darkness that you fight daily and you don’t have to feel mine because you can see it. Those emotions that we feel are hard to embrace because feeling for two is a struggle when you aren’t even use to even feeling for you. I can feel every feeling that you feel, more so than my own. I can feel you so much that what we had will never be fully gone!

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