Flaws and all🖤 #expressive writing/ love advice

See the thing about people is… We all have flaws! The thing about people and love is that you have to understand that. The fact that everyone has flaws means that the person you end up loving is going to have flaws. Pick someone with flaws that you can deal with, flaws that you can help them recognize and work on or even overlook. You are not going to find a perfect person because nobody is perfect. But you can find someone who is perfect for you!

When you were looking for your person remember that when that person is right for you you won’t have to hide your flaws. They won’t beat you up for your flaws because they didn’t fall in love with you to change you, they fell in love with you flaws and all. Sometime we go about things thinking that they’re supposed to be one-way not realizing that is going to be different to open you up. Love is complicated but love is beautiful and love can teach you so much about yourself. Falling in love with someone makes you want to fix your flaws for them and for you all as a couple to survive.

Make sure that you’re letting the person you love into your heart so that they will know why those flaws are even present. Don’t hide yourself thinking that you need to be perfect to be loved because you do not. When someone loves you they love you for who you are they love you for who you want and they love you through and through. Love is not supposed to be conditional. Just because you aren’t a certain way or you won’t do a certain thing and someone stops loving you a certain way then that person didn’t have the intention to love you Flaws and All in the first place.

The thing about people is that we all have flaws! It’s hard to recognize your flaws and put forth the effort to make that change but it is not impossible. Nobody wants to hear their wrongs in their flaws all the time but that doesn’t have to be the way you go about helping your partner fix their flaws. Stick with them love them harder love yourself harder and have an open mind and once you do that you fall in love with your partner’s flaws you’ll fall in love with your own faults. I say that because when you see someone for who they are and you actually get to see their light you love them harder and those flaws end up not even mattering at the end of the day! -Donnie sharrell

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