Has to be🌹

It has to be super sweet to get next to me again. Sweet like chocolate, sweet like sex, sweet like knowing this is the one! It has to be blissful, full of power and ready for forever. It has to be masculine, and stern but mushy! I want it to be for me and me only, to cherish it, to learn and understand it, to grow in it. See I don’t want a false image that I have to see through… I want that cant get enough and refuse to lose. I want that it’s for me and I for you. It has to be free, in the process of healing and ready to see me for me! It has to be forgiving and ready to be a teacher and a student. But most of all this love has to be a love I can feel from miles away, and hold onto it, because this love… See this love has to be all for me!

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