Uncontrollable change 🌏 #poem

We can’t control everything… Not how the seasons change, and not the way the wind blows… We can’t control how people love us or when they stop loving us either. But were not supposed too because life is spontaneous, the nature of the world is uncontrollable!

We can’t control how things start or why they begin. We can’t control the nature of the ones who betray us or the reasons that there is people who love us. Not being in control all the time doesn’t mean you arent in control, because being in control isn’t real control at all!

We can’t control everything… But we can control how every new day begins. We can’t control when people lie cheat or don’t understand. We can’t control how people give up or when those seasons end. There are things that are out of our control, but the things that we can control… handle with care because this universe has a plan that we can’t control!

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