Un-uhh! #explicit/writing prompt

Unuhh we don’t have enough time so how about you let me look you in the eyes and take you to that place in-between my thighs. Let me sit on the bed and you stand tall infront of me. I’ll slowly undress you, admiring the beautiful fruits of your mother’s labor. You’ll want to say so much but Unuhh now is not the time. I’ll open my mouth wide because now you’ll be fully exposed for me to put you muscular member inside.

As I try to swallow you whole… I want you to hold the bottom of my chin, you bite your bottom lip as I go. Let me hear you groan, touch me, be my number one fan as the saliva drips down my chin while I’m looking back up at you. Lets go to a place where I almost cause you to blow… But unuhh I don’t want it yet so I come up off the head. We’ll switch places, you sit down, I’ll stand! I lick my lips as I start to take my pieces off revealing all the beauty I was about to put on you. I direct you to stroke your erection as I dip my fingers inside myself an then suck on them while gazing back at you!

So sexy… with the veins and muscle’s poking under your skin. I’ll climb on top of you, kiss on your chest while you slap yourself on my wetness… playing in it and shit! I close my eyes like every time you go in. I need to feel it deep deep within, in the back of this pussy fron the vary beginning. Hold on to my ass cheeks, spread them wide while I do a soft bounce. Let me lean into you, one leg folded down on my knee, the other leg up as I show out.

Unuhh there’s no playing when it comes to us in the bed. Nothing else matters once I slide up on the tip and then back down all slow sexy and shit. Not being in control… You’ll get tired of that quick. You’ll flip me around how you want me on your bull dog bully tip, and I’ll submit. I stick my tongue out enjoying it. Now pent on my side with one leg pushed up to my chest, I rub on your head and watch you watching me as I watch you dig off in my wetness.

I grip the sheets trying to pull myself up… But unuhh ain’t no playing so you slam me back down to the matters and pin me again. Trying to be a big girl I’ll lean up on my elbow and fuck you back. But not just because I know you like it nasty like that, but because my body tingles when you brush up against those walls in the back. I fight with you to flip over on my knees, but because you had to let me, now you won’t take it easy.

One hand on my throat the other hand on my lower back. You bend me up in the perfect arch, not nearly a pretzel but your own made up little snack. Waiting on that stick, I gasp as you surprise me with your full tongue pressed up against the clit. I cave into the bed, face turned up fucking your mouth back with my lower lips. I giggle at the sound of you spitting and slurping on it. But unuhh there is no mistaking you for playing games when you run back up in my wetness.

I give into you as you grip my hips and try to feel every wall up in it. I hold the sheets between my fists, not able to form any words but, ohh shit..!” You’ll smack my ass and I’ll agree when you call me a your dirty little chick. You’ll growl and I’ll moan as you push my upper half off of the bed just to toot my ass all the way up and see the drippings while you’re hitting. I’ll throw my ass back at you so that you can rest for a second. You’ll pull me back into you while I do my thang, but holding that nut while we do what we do has never been easy.

I squeal out in ecstacy as my pipe starts to blow. But unuhh there’s no giving up in our bedroom so you don’t quit. You’ll grab me by a handful of hair, you push as deep as you can and I moan out as I gush everywhere. I swear I can feel you in my ribs. But no you don’t let yours go in it. You’ll hop up spin me around and paint my face with the sticky surprise with my mouth opened wide. -Donnie Sharrell

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