Emotional organism #poetry

It’s weird how the sound of someone’s voice can put every heartache you’ve ever felt at ease. It’s weird how just looking into someone’s eyes can make every inch of your body heat up in love. Or how a single word can make you feel as if you’re in a state of safety. Its weird how knowing you have a certain someone all to yourself can change your outlook on love in its entirety. Or how losing them can turn us against ever even accepting it into our lives again.

Its sad how one day we can be madly in love with a person, and then the next look at them and not know them at all. Its sad how we watch so many people come and go. Or how we forget the rules of love and let people who could be our forever go. It’s sad when we know what’s coming even when we don’t want too. Its sad that there’s people who pretend to love you until they no longer need you.

It’s sweet how we can connect with another organism on a level that we can actually feel what they feel. How when you’re looking up at the moon, even though you can’t see them… you know someone somewhere else is doing the same. Its sweet how our hearts allow us to fall in love again and again. Or how when we learn ourselves, it’s possible to find true happiness in your own spirit while being alone. Its sweet how a single laugh can change your whole mood! Or how even when it’s weird, sad or sweet, when you find that special person they’ll stick on your heart like glue. -Donnie Sharrell

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