Freaky eyes πŸ‘€ #Dirty/poetry

Yeah see they say I have the freaky eyes, those eyes that make you want to cum inside. When you gaze into those eyes, I pull you in and then the ride begins. I let you turn me on and first its mental too. I want to go deep, flip you inside out and become intertwined.. One with you. Yeah see they say I have those freaky eyes, those eyes that automatically make you mine!

On this ride I’ll come alive, it’ll be your freakiest night. Gaze into my eyes while I suck you dry.. No stopping until you break the gaze, form our nasty soul ties. Yeah they say I have them freaky eyes, so stare I’ll them while I climb on top and roll my hips ass I ride. It’ll be soaking wet.. Will you grip my hips as I glide?

Look into those freaky eyes, watch me bite my lip, watch my cum drip from inside. Flip me over spread my ass and stick you thumb inside, then your member, now make the kitty cry. Yeah they say I heave those freaky eyes, so when you explode on my nipples look me dead in them and I’ll even open wide!

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