Be aware 📛

Beware of those who ignore your pain, your cry for help. Those people who hurt you and then act as If your pain is mince once they’re hurting too. Beware of the types of people who are okay with seeing you hurt too. Those type of people can bring you into the dark where its so black you’ll no longer know you.

But pay attention to the ones that come back around and are willing to apologize for the pain that has been done. The ones that are willing to acknowledge the hurt…! Listen, And Don’t disregard these people or let them go easily because these people are going to be fundamental to your healing and growth.

But also beware of yourself too! Not only are other people able to cause hurt but you can be the biggest hurt cause to you! See you are your biggest critic you are your toughest opponent, you are your biggest fan. When its you against you it’ll be the most important and enlightening challenge you’ll have to face. See getting to know you and having to face you for who you are, flaws and all… That’s when the work really starts.

Be aware of the blessings and the signs! Once you’ve mastered self awareness you will see how easy it is to recognize the things that are drawn to you and your light for the better purpose. You’ll feel the burden of what you invite slowly start to drift away. Be aware Luvz.. Not only of what goes on around you but of yourself too!

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