🎶Late at night (#Erotic Poetry)

Late at night when all the world is sleeping.. I’ll stay up to make love to you, This is what I’ll do…

I’ll rub on you slow then you can let your clothes go so I can suck on you then I’ll fuck you too. I’ll swallow you whole, entire Dick in my throat, a bunch of spit and drool on the tip. You’ll curl your toes my head in your hands, breathing heavy as you watch me go. Mouth full of duck jaws full of spit..

Late at night when all the world is sleeping.. I’ll be climbing on top of you. I’ll slide you inside your wide muscular body in-between my thighs, I’ll begin to hunch you. Back and forth on my knees, hands on your chest and pussy ready to please! You’ll grip on my ass spreading my cheeks wide as I grip my walls and bare down for this ride.

I’ll ride you slow and then speed up, I’ll bounce to my own freaky beat as I massage your balls too. There will be no judgment in this bedroom while the rest of the world sleeps and I’m making love to you! Just before you cum its off of your penis and onto lips. Suck on my juicy pear and don’t waist one bit. I want you to growl in it, nobody’s going to hear you don’t worry you can get nasty with it!

As the rest of the world sleeps I’ll have an orgasm all across your chin. Then I’ll hop off because don’t be stingy.. Let me taste it! You’ll roll me onto my knees and I’ll lean down on my shoulders, one hand on your balls one hand on my clit. We’ll both breathe deep as you go to pounding and dipping off in it. I squeal as you slip your thumb in my ass!

That double penetration will be exactly what is needed to make me shake and gasp. I’ll throw it back at you and ‘get up on my feet, see I want to feel all of that meat. You’ll start to feel your nut build up but I won’t stop giving you what you need. Just as I feel you start to jerk is when I spin around on my knees and watch in awe as the Dick starts to spit up all on me. In my mouth I’ll catch it looking you dead in your eyes my finger’s inside of me.

Late at night when all the world is sleeping I’ll stay up to make love to you…! -Donnie Sharrell

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