If I didn’t see you 👓

If i didn't see the king in you I wouldn't be here. If I wasn't willing to help you fix your crown then I wouldn't dare listen to your pain when you're talking to me. The doubt Is rightfully yours as am I! The need for reassurance is intertwined in your DNA from the lack of nurturing in your childhood, but baby that's okay because now you can get that from me. I'm yours!
I'm not asking you to be a fool for Me because I'm one for you..! Im saying that if you only knew it was fine for you to show me the make up of you... Then the possibilities of us could be endless. I am your glue and I'm willing to be much more if its what you need me to do. If I didn't see the future of us when I look into your eyes, then tell me baby, what it Is that keeps me grounded for us. I'm yours!
I'm yours and you know it thats why your not scared to look me in the eyes when I cry. Im yours, this is why after every sex session we're surrounded by silence. If I didn't want you then I wouldn't be here. If I didn't feel what you feel than you would hedge surely already left me. You see if we weren't meant to be then there would have never been a pull from your heart leading you to me! I believe without your heart.. Mine will not beat!

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