How’s the sex?

Are you sexing her right? Does her bottom lip quiver when your in deep? Do you push her legs up beside her head when you beat off in her wetness? Do you make sure the sex is nasty and not neat? How does she grip the sheets when you’re on top making her legs weak? It starts before the bed, you first have to get into her head.

See you have to make her feel safe, create a certain place for the two of you to be here.. But also are getting away. You have to make sure that she feels every word that you speak. Make sure that she’s yearning to be body to body with you and feel your heartbeat. Let her see that she can open up to you and that to care about her needs, because being deep inside of her you will have to absorb her energy.

Are u sexing her right? Does she look into your eyes while you stride, or does she close them and try to hide what’s behind those eyes? Does she let you touch her any way that you please? Do you let her open you up too? Are you willing to be vulnerable with her so that she can please you too? Are you sexting her right so that she can cum for you.

Do you hold on to our hips when you behind her or do you grip her sides? Are you scared to pull her hair and smack her ass or do you be dominant so that she can submit and just go for the ride. I’m asking you because I want to know are you sexing her right are you even trying because if she’s not responding to you, then there’s some things that you should probably do. But before you can do anything you have to start off by listening to her body because every woman’s body is different and every woman’s body is going to respond differently for you!

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