Question’s for a King 👑 #poetry

Hey you.. I have a few questions and a few opinions. I don’t mean any harm!

I was wondering.. Why do you run from love? Or when you get it why do you self sabotage and put in so much work to fuck it all up? You are so deserving of love and so is it deserving of you! Why does it scary you so bad when thing’s are going good? Are you afraid that things might actually work out, and that hurt that you harbor will no longer belong to you?

Do you look for the hurt in the ones you love to find the relatable between the two? Yes you are a King but also a lightening bolt of pain! But a king no less so please if you would, could you answer a few of those things? Is it because you feel you’re not worthy that you push those who do show you they care away, until they’re no longer able to stay? Are you just so use to being caged and alone that ‘you’.. is all you believe you’ll ever have?

Hey you.. Im asking because I genuinely want to know.. Why is it you can’t see and feel the greatness in loving you? Amazing doesn’t describe the King that you are. If only you could check yourself and then see yourself from the eyes of me.. Then maybe nobody else would have to ask you these questions again. It would be just you and me!

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