Be Easy🌠 #Poetry

He held her hand with the softest but sternest of grips. He was questioning her with his eyes, eyes that she’d learn to get lost inside of. She didn’t want to hide her vulnerability. Not this time, not with him. Instead in a slight whisper she says exactly what’s on her mind.. “Be easy with me!”

“Be easy with my heart please because see it’s filled with hope and love, but it’s full of trauma and uncertainty too. When you’re loving me, touching me, sexing me.. Take it easy with me. Be easy and be patient with me because patience is key when it comes to loving all 9 aspects of me. Give me every piece of you that you’d hide from the rest of the world. Take it easy with me and I’ll trust every intension and potential in you.

He held her by her hand, grip a little tighter now.. “I’ll be easy with you if you promise to take it easy on me when it comes to this love thing.” She turns to him, looking in his eyes was easy, giving into him was easy. She falls into his chest with a nod. “I promise”!

5 thoughts on “Be Easy🌠 #Poetry

  1. I honestly like this piece n I hope u found the rite one this time❤️from the heart I really wish nothing but the best for u 💯u deserve that 💘

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