I’m 2 blame

You push me away and I come back again every time! You hurt me and then tell me not to cry. You get anger and a cold shoulder from me and and then act as if you don’t know why. Its so easy for you to point the finger, but when I’m really gone you’ll see why it is that I’m like this toward you and how you did do me wrong. I’m not saying that the way that I feel is all on you because we both know that’s not true… but when you see how you treated me in the beginning when I was all in and I was taken for granted you’ll understand what I mean when I say I pulled a you on you.

Im to blame for trusting you not to be just as broken as the rest. I’m to blame because while you were testing me I was too busy falling in love and not putting you to a test. I’m to blame for letting myself be hurt and letting the anger build up and dim my happy lite. I’m to blame because I kept loving you even when I was hurting, knowing that you didn’t have the capacity to appreciate a woman in that space. I’m to blame for not feeling good enough and loved enough to start us again when you were finally ready to give me all of the love that you possess Within.

You push and you pull as if your intentions are clear. Not realizing that even after you’ve pushed everybody else away even hurting and angry I’m the only one still standing here. It’s not your fault that you don’t know love at it’s purest form. It’s my fault because I didn’t see that and by the time I did my heart was won. It’s so easy for you to be blind to the things that I need but want me to hop and jump and do what you please. But see we’re here because that didn’t fly, I’m a woman and I won’t let you get away with not giving me the things I require or the things that I need.. To be comfortable, to be happy!

I’m not blaming you because it’s me who should take the blame. I attract the broken.. and even when I’m knowing I try to fix the thing that do not believe that they can be fixed. When I mean that I loved you so much that it makes me angry and that is why I’m like this, that’s what I mean but I won’t expect you to understand that shit. You push me away and finally I’ve agreed to go.. but if I have to go I’m closing that door and I will not allow you to walk back through! Even tattooed to you, I will throw in the towel if it’s no longer possible for me to love you!

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