Pretty Thing’s Do cry #poetry

Pretty little things..

It took countless nights with a sky full of stars and moon’s to realize that pretty little things cry too

A Pretty thing with tears that release the unspoken pain of beauty

A pain and up kept standard that hides away in the eyes of hurt pretty little things

Admired, envied, Judged and beat down. But all of that hidden, swallowed, released again in tears so that pretty things stay small

See It’s not so rare that pretty little things have to cry too

They have to shine and be seen through all odds that they face. To fall alone, to doubt in the dark, to pretend as if all thing’s that they are remain invisible

All but their beauty..

Everything non existent.. Even the fact the pretty little thing’s cry too

2 thoughts on “Pretty Thing’s Do cry #poetry

  1. I see you Queen and i feel the intensity of your words.All that was once invisible is now visble to my sight. I fully acknowledge your beauty,wisdom,strenght,creativity,strength, and sacrifices..your my pretty thing and not a tear will go unaccounted for.pretty Lil things do cru but pretty big things heal the pain and clear the rain from your eyes..keep striving Queen this is true poetic justice


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