The angels Dance

You must be strong as an oak and as light as a feather to spin in the air gaining your angel wings. Your body must twist bend and even if you are as stiff as a board, your muscles better fluctuate or it’s all over. One wrong hip dip, one delay in your plie and the whole story has been rewritten. Trained, drained, tired and hungry you still must fly. You must dance the dance as if it’s the last dance you’ll ever dance.

But if you keep doing something long enough your body memory takes over. There are movement you return too! So just as ruthless as the dance of angels is on your body, the movements come just as natural. The love and passion as well as you fly through the air, land on the base of your tippy toes. In this dance it’s not what you demand of your body.. but what your body shows you you’re capable of.

As you dance this dance it’s a love and hate game because everyday you wake up something hurts. But your passion to make beauty and tell stories with your body will not allow you to let your mind win. As you fly with your toes pointed and your sides sucked in, nothing else matters. Nothing else matters but the dance of angels as you spin into the story of you!

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