Thorned Heart’s

Even in the midst of the hurt that rains down onto me I know that I will heal with thorn’s on my heart. Not because of a simple heartbreak, not from words from a broken people.. But because when your first breath is taken in pain, all you do is grow thorn’s from the inside. But those vary thorn’s that I grow are the vary one’s that give me the strength to succeed, to heal.

That’s why even in the midst of loss abuse, with thorns on my heart I will always heal. I’ll heal because within me is a god of war, a fairy of love, and a goddess of strength that wear an armor that not even thorn’s of pain can pierce. Us hurt people have this luminous light around us that protects us from even our own pain. A wall that protects us from destruction as long as we learn to love the pain that our thorn’s produce.

As the hurt rains down onto us, we learn to breathe a steady breath of satisfaction that we can even still feel. We learn to consume all things that come to break us and still we have love to give. I allow myself to love that forbidden love harder each time through the drops of pain. Because see when your first breath is taken in pain, you learn to feed off it. It becomes a part of you that’s useful, that we use to numb us. But even in the midst of this pain, I learn to heal.. I still heal with thorn’s in bedded in my heart!

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