Growth 🌴

Growth to me.. Is continuous let Downs, heartbreak, missteps and uncomfortable situations. See for me these are things that I learn from, that help me learn myself. Growth is being able to pick yourself back up after you’ve fallen or been pushed down. It’s being able to admit your wrongs and try to correct them moving forward. It’s knowing when to stop and move on, when to give up and when to keep going.

To me growth is realizing that when all odds are stacked against you that it’s mind over matter. It’s realizing that dreams are not only for sleep but they can come true. When we don’t know growth, we can’t identify what it is we need to do so. First we have to learn ones self to know where we are, then learn what it is we need to change. Once you know yourself then you put in the work to become the person you want to be. This is growth to me..

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