Unheard knock 🚪

Tap tap tap.. Tap tap..tap tap tap tap tap..

You can keep knocking, tapping, even banging to get back in but your Knocks will fall on death ears and a even colder heart. There is no more answering or feeling for the unworthy

Continue to tap trying to get back what it is you feel in your heart that you lack. You can knock all you want but the truth is that I am and will forever be no more to you. Tap but you will never get a response back..

Tap tap tap.. But you’ll never get me back! I pretend not to hear your knocks on my hearts door, but that’s only because my mind is telling my heart not to love you anymore..

Right now I’m letting you know that you’ll never get back through this door, there is no love for you behind it anymore. Knock, tap or even bang, but you’ll be doing so from the outside and when you wake up every day I’ll no longer be there. So keep knocking, because you’re Knocks are only falling on def ears!

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